Drop-in Sessions

Just call in for a chat, a cup of coffee, a warming bowl of soup. Become part of the community again, and make the centre your own safe place.


A trained cook and teacher will show you how to make healthy soups, cheese scones, muffins and much, much more. Re-kindle your interest in cooking and enjoy the fun and togetherness that making and eating food can bring.

Art Classes

Making art is not just good ‘messy’ fun but can be therapeutic too. When you are painting or drawing, designing, cutting, pasting and assembling, you enter another world of concentration where nothing else matters but the task in hand. Irrespective of your ability you can find within you a little bit of creativity that will delight you and help you see the world more cheerfully.


Music Making

Bang a drum, strike a chord, sing with others, come and join us in the simple joys or making music. Work together, learn a little too, all under expert tuition and supervision.

Free Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is an ancient practice which enables you to relax and meditate through a series of simple co-ordinated movements linked to breathing and concentration. Wonderful for taking your mind away from your troubles and into a calmer and more peaceful state of being. Suitable for all ages and physical abilities.


 First Aid Training and Food Safety & Hygiene

Two interesting and useful courses which offer skills training and knowledge useful to all in our daily lives. Not only do you learn but you get an Approved Certificate as well.


Film Nights

Watching a film at home is one thing, but watching in the company of friends is so much nicer. Pepper’s - A Safe Place will be screening films to delight, amuse, perplex, inform and maybe even scare you. What’s not to like?


Games Evening

Some of us cheat, some play it fair – Scrabble and Monopoly brings out the best and worst in us all. One thing is for sure, you can’t play them alone. Sit with your friends, have fun, even bring your own games.

For dates and times for all of the above, please see What’s On

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