What is Pepper's- A Safe Place?

We offer community mental health support across Rutland and Melton Mowbray.

Please see our 'About us' video or take a look at Our Services.

Do I have to have been diagnosed with a Mental Health illness to join?

No! Pepper's is a safe place for everyone, whether you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worried or your mental health just isn't in the best place. Not sure if Pepper's is for you? Why not come in and find out or give us a call.

When are you open?

Please check our calendar for specific dates. We are planning to open on further days as the need arises but please keep checking this website or follow us on facebook via the icon at the bottom of the page for further updates.

Is there wheelchair access?

Unfortunately we are not accessible to wheelchair users as we are based on the first floor. However we do offer an outreach service and can meet up for a coffee at Strays which is below us on the ground floor. If you would like to meet up please email info@peppersrutland.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

Does it cost anything to come to Pepper's - A Safe Place?

There is no charge to come to Pepper’s - A Safe Place. We do, however, ask for £1 for as many cups of tea or coffee and biscuits as you wish.

Are there any clinicians involved?

No. We offer a warm friendly space to meet, relax and chat but there is no clinical input.

Are there any age restrcitions?

You must be over 18 (with exception to babies during our parent and baby drop-ins).

Can I bring a friend who does not have mental health problems?

Yes. Many of our members are more confident coming with a friend than on their own. Friends are more than welcome.

How do I find you?

We are based at 2A High Street, Oakham LE15 6AL, at the Oakham library end of the High Street and based on the first floor above the café Strays.

Is Pepper's - A Safe Place for people with dementia?

Pepper’s - A Safe Place is open to anyone with a degree of mental ill health. However if you suffer from dementia we would encourage you to come along to see if it actually meets your needs.

What happens at Pepper's - A Safe Place?

Pepper’s - A Safe Place offers people wanting to improve their mental health an opportunity to meet others, to chat over coffee or tea, to make friends and share experiences.  We offer, on different months, informal cookery lessons, Tai Chi, art, music and many more activities. Pepper’s - A Safe Place is informal, friendly and fun where members can be as sociable or as quiet as they wish.

Why are people who come to Pepper's - A Safe Place called Members? Do you have to join?

No. We are not a club that people join. Simply put there was no other word we could think of that worked – users, customers, patients – all sounded wrong so we settled on Members!

I'm feeling too nervous to attend a Pepper's session

It can be really daunting joining a new group, meeting new people and trying new things. Our new Friendship Project can set you up with a volunteer to chat too and meet-up with until you feel ready to join us.