Take some time out with us at one of our community mental health drop in sessions, read more about them below, get in touch or take a look at our events calendar.

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The Friendship Project

Have you been feeling lonely? Anxious? Or maybe overwhelmed and in need of a friendly chat?

Get in touch to set up a friendly call with one of our volunteers.

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Coffee Mornings & Afternoons

Drop in for a cup of tea or coffee, meet some friendly faces, combat lonliness and make the centre yout safe place.

If you're lucky they'll be cake too!

Parent and Baby Group

New baby, happiest days of your life? Or not?

We're here to support Parents, with little ones or with babies on the way, looking to improve their Mental Health.

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Learn more about Pepper's, find out how we've helped some of our members, read more about Mental Health Awareness week, get some tips on coping on bad days and so much more.

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